About Gazelli Café
Gazelli Café is a place where you can both enjoy a tasty meal and spend time in good company while relaxing your soul to feel the inner harmony and comfort that are sometimes hard to find in the modern world.

A cloud of delicious flavors and the sounds of pleasant music: the atmosphere of Gazelli Café perfectly suits for early breakfasts, business meetings, romantic dates, fun events and heartwarming evenings.

At the beginning of each season, our menu is updated with different novelties such as seasonal dishes prepared with love from fresh products, designer cocktails, and airy desserts...

The Gazelli Café's interior reflects elegance and sophistication, and every one of its dishes has an unparalleled taste, thanks to the talented chef.

Gazelli Café even has a separate KIDS AREA room where a caring teacher from our team will take care of your kids during your vacation.
About the team of Gazelli Café
The Gazelli Café team comprises creative, talented, and dedicated professionals. Our team is one big family in a cozy Home, where you are always welcome.

As Timur Pivkin, the head chef at Gazelli Café says, "We have a friendly atmosphere and a close-knit team. In our work, we adhere to the principle "One for all and all for one" as we always try to help and inspire and motivate and support one another. After all, a good team is a prerequisite for every good work!

The Gazelli Café's cooks are always happy to cook something exquisite for you; our bartenders are like pioneers who love to experiment and please their guests with a rich spectrum of flavors ranging from aromatic coffee to bright cocktails; our waiters are always ready to listen attentively as well as to offer advice and become your guides in the world of magic tastes, flavors, and emotions.
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